Selma Mann is an emerging poet who found her muse when “the gate to her right brain was left open” by grief, cancer and a series of devastating losses. With humor, simplicity and unexpected turns, her poetry will draw you into a unique and enchanting view of her world.


Mourning Cloak

Love, death, loss, longing, cancer, butterflies, 
and the healing power of poetry and of surrender to the guidance of a muse. The poet, Selma Mann, an attorney, a rational-humanist sort—romantic and spiritual enough—found herself driven to composition by a series of losses and crises. In grief, pain, and poetry she discovered an enchanted world emerging from and fusing with the natural world, rendering it a luscious, sparkling place to live, despite sharp edges and frequent cruel surprises, a world perhaps directed and monitored “in a secret cave by gnomes sipping chamomile.” 

By Selma Mann
Whimsical Warrior Front and Back Cover.png

Whimsical WARRIOR

With focus and simplicity, Whimsical Warrior draws the reader into an enchanted world, made visible through the eyes of a poet’s muse, filled with laughter, tears, insight and the unexpected.  In an alchemy of wisdom and imagination, a fall in the shower becomes “a clumsy geriatric camel” poking its nose under her tent. A poem about looking for eyeglasses lulls the reader with humor into a profound awareness.  A second battle with breast cancer explores feeling like a “fake cancer patient.”  Bits and pieces of ordinary life fall into surprising patterns.  A playful tribute to resilience, the book explores the mysteries of the passage of time, as well as Selma Mann’s familiar themes of love, longing, grief, cancer, aging and the healing power of poetry. 

By Selma Mann